LoveB Bag corresponds to Lighted Oled Vinyl Tech Bag and explores the great news of the year: a combination between fashion, technology and science.

In fact, 2015 is “The International Year of the Light.” The light will be the leit motiv of the present, and will pave the way to sensory and emotional states, taking us to see the future¬†in a new way.

The concept of light is full of meanings that will break the darkness, illuminating a face, a purse. “Light as future” is the claim of new collection, adorned with an intelligent and invisible sensor detecting the dark inside the bag and turning on the light of a round and thin OLED.

It will seem a window, from which you see the moon and the details of an enchanted landscape, thanks to its rays.

LoveB are bags with light and a battery charger for smartphones and other devices, which will charge itself with solar power, and foster new decorum to sustainable research.