_MG_7151 - CopiaAn OLED light and a battery charger for smartphones and other devices are the innovative elements of the smart hi-tech bag LoveB.

An OLED is an Organic Light Emitting Diode, produced by a series of chemical processes between organic materials. They form a structure with thin layers of semiconductors sandwiched between a positive electrode and a negative one. To understand how OLED works we have to imagine a sandwich. It is placed on a sheet of glass or other transparent material and is crossed by electric current: the electrodes respond by emitting ions and electrons with positive and negative charge. In the middle layer of the sandwich a higher state of energy is produced. This way, the energy just produced scientifically known as “excitement” lasts a short amount of time. Subsequently, when the excitation ends and the sandwich returns to the state of stability, the energy go through the organic film, which consequently emits light.

This light is emitted uniformly on organic film, so it is homogeneous, soft, delicate, smooth. Besides, energy consumption is reduced and there are different color effects.

The OLED is an advanced LED. The main difference between the two is that OLEDs, as mentioned before, are formed from organic materials, unlike LED, which is an inorganic material which creates many bright spots. This light is dazzling and a little static.

In general, OLEDs:

  • are thin and take up little space;
  • are lightweight and work at lower voltages;display-oled-129
  • have a power consumption which varies between 20 and 40% compared to that of the LCD;
  • have an adaptable structure on both rigid and flexible substrates, and from this comes a great potential for applications;
  • manufacturing costs are lower than those of the LED;
  • in cases of impoverishment, the non-damaged and continues to emit light, and therefore can be cut and re-used;

Finally, OLEDs are better than LEDs in terms of:

  • higher luminous efficiency;
  • excellent shades of color;
  • longer life;
  • better resolution and higher contrast;
  • colors are more bright;
  • wider viewing angle,
  • temperature tolerance;
  • faster response time;

This is a list of the advantages that make the OLED the ideal component for a smart bag for women.

Designers and architects observe an interesting increase in the use of OLED lightening and research in this field is very active. We can imagine the lighting system in our house: at nightfall, a simple hand gesture we can have a wall that radiates a soft light and uniform. We can expect this and much more from the OLED the future. But for the moment, let’s flaunt LoveB bag with the light and the portable charger inside!